In connection to NGM 2022 in Joensuu, you will have the opportunity to participate in one or more excursions. The excursions are separate from the official program and the cost will be carried by the participants. Registration for the excursions will open very soon. Below you will find already some preliminary information about excursions we plan to offer.

Due to the ongoing invasion by Russia of Ukraine and the ongoing war and military aggression by the Russian government and its military apparatus we will not offer any excursions to Russia, despite initially planned.

Koli National Park

Time and length of the excursion

19-6-2022 – Half-day pre-conference excursion (approx. 5 hours).

Departure at 9:00 from the University Carelia building (if more than one bus then there will also be a departure at 10:00) and arrival back at the university 14:00 (second bus 15:00).

Content and Topic:

Koli National Park is located around an hour’s drive north from UEF’s Joensuu campus.

Koli has a long history as one of the number one destinations in Finnish tourism. The view from the top of Ukko-Koli mountain to Lake Pielisjärvi is perhaps the best known of Finland’s national landscapes. At the same time, it is also one of the most controversial tourist destinations. In Koli, nature conservation, tourism development, and private and public benefit have been pitted against each other since the beginning of the 20th century. The establishment of the Koli National Park in the early 1990s met with fierce opposition and divided the locals into different camps. This guide introduces the cultural and tourist history of Koli and the struggle for its use and ownership from the 19th century to the 21st century.

Walking in Koli’s hillscape means walking on bedrock that formed about 2.6 billion years ago. Being located 347 meters above sea level, the famous view from the hilltop reveals the lake with its many small islands and esker scenery. Downhill, traditional slash-and-burn practices formed meadows for rare plant and butterfly species in the middle of mixed and old-growth forests. On the traces of nature’s history, we will see magnificent landforms and habitat formations, as well as reminders of the harsh weather conditions during wintertime.

During this trip it will also be possible to explore the trails on your own. Please remember to wear sensible shoes.

Minimum-Maximum amount of participants: 

 25 – 200 (in case of 50+ participants multiple departure times will be arranged to avoid it getting too crowded).

Costs per participant:  

30€ (including transportation, guide, and snacks)

In addition to the offered snacks it will be also possible to buy snacks at one of the cafes at Koli.

Sign-up link:

Koli sign-up.

Local beer & sauna culture in Joensuu 

Time and length of the excursion

19-6-2022, 12:30 – 17:30

Content and topic:

The excursion starts with a meeting with local brewer at the University (visiting the brewery proofed unfortunately to complicated/timely as its in the outskirts of town). They will give us some insights on micro-brewing in Finland, their own brewing business and also the challenges for microbreweries in Finland. After the presentation there will be a tasting of three different types of local beers and time for discussion with the Brewer.

Following the local beer presentation, discussion and tasting, the excursion will take a 10 minute walk in order to move on to experience a special kind of sauna culture: A floating sauna. With the Sauna we will make a small cruise on the lake while enjoying the experience of traditional Finnish Sauna and potentially a refreshing swim in the lake.  There will be refreshments (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) and snacks during the sauna cruise. Please bring your swimming gear and a towel!!

Places of visit: 

Meeting place will be send to registered participants later.

Minimum-Maximum amount of participants: 

max 20 participants.

Please register by filling out the registration Form by clicking Here.

Acceptance is based on first comes first serves basis and registration is binding. People filling out the registration form will be informed about there acceptance within 24 hours latest.

Costs per participant: 

55€/person (incl. beer tasting, floating sauna experience, sauna-drinks & snacks).

Joensuu City (Evening) Excursion

Time and length of excursion:

Starting from the University and ending in the centre. Afternoon-evening (1-2 hours).

Content and Topic

A walking tour of Joensuu city center which provides a quick introduction to the history, cultural aspects, planning, and development in Joensuu.

Places of visit:

Joensuu center.

Minimum-Maximum amount of participants

Open to all (several groups with different routes).

Approximately costs per participant: